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Motto: Love for Education and Morals

Caritas University, Amorji-Nike, Enugu, is a private university approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria on 16 December 2004, and was formally opened by the Minister of Education on 21 January 2005. The permanent site of Caritas University is the former campus of OSISATECH (Our Saviour Institute of Science, Agriculture and Technology), which was established by the Government Edict No. 18 of 1989. Coming at the threshold of the third millennium, Caritas University can correctly be described and regarded as God’s special gift to the people of Nigeria, in general, and to lovers of good, sound and moral education, in particular. In harmony with the Catholic philosophy of education, the motto of Caritas University is: “Love for Education and Morals”. The University seeks to prepare the students to graduate from the University into a fruitful professional and fulfilled life of work, and also into a better reward hereafter

Over the years, Caritas University has built a reputation of excellence in academics and moral standards among the staff and students. Caritas University does not condone any of the unwholesome behaviours that are rampant among some staff and students of other institutions of higher learning. Therefore, in Caritas University, one would not hear of examination malpractices, immoral conducts, secret cultism, extraneous charges on students, selling of hand-outs, demonstrations by students, or strikes by staff. Our academic calendar runs through, each year, without any interruption, and the committed students always have the opportunity to graduate exactly on the expiration of the normal duration of study, without overstay or spill-over. We recruit very experienced lecturers for our various programmes. We ensure that our programmes receive NUC accreditation as and when due. Our university campus is located away from the noisy township environment, thus giving it a serene and quiet atmosphere suitable for dedicated academic activities. We are always open to admitting qualified candidates into our pre-degree and degree programmes. All our students live in our hostels, within the campus, so that the University Management can provide them with security and comfort while on campus. In the University, we protect our students the way normal parents would protect their children at home. Although this is a Catholic institution, we are an equal opportunity university, and we admit students of all Christian denominations. Every student enjoys the freedom of worship. However, the students are generally not permitted to form fanatical religious groups, as this would constitute unnecessary distraction to their academic pursuits 

Caritas University has positioned itself as the preferred choice institution for parents seeking excellent training in both knowledge (academics) and morals for their children. Our fees are the lowest among all private universities in Nigeria, and the modes of payment are solicitous and considerate. Fees can be paid by instalments during the semester, and completed before the semester examinations. We are always open to admitting as many qualified candidates as possible into our pre-degree and degree programmes, and offering them the benefits of our excellent training. Descriptions of our available programmes can be located in the appropriate sections of this website