Computer Engineering Caritas University

As a nation, we have watched the first and second industrial revolutions pass by without effective participation. The industrialized nations have again thrust the information Technology Revolution upon us. This revolution is still in its infancy. Many problems have been solved, but many more need to be solved to realize its promise. We aim to be active players in this revolution. The challenge is to identify some of the problems that need to be solved in information technology and proffer world class solutions. Our efforts will be channeled through manpower development and rigorous research. The Computer Engineering Department exists to train students to build and use computers, and encourage staff and students to carry out research that will lead to inventions, new products and services that will create wealth, and eventually lead to national development. The department was established on a plan of extra-ordinary clarity and firmness. A plan that contemplates a department of limited but well defined objectives, a full time 5 year program leading to the award of the degree of bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) which reflects strongly the philosophical view of the nascent information Technology Revolution. The department is set apart by its own style, by its approach to teaching and learning and by its avowed objectives which include:

To impart students with the knowledge, skills and ethical orientation necessary for excellence as computer engineers in industry, academia and                                           public service

To equip the Nigeria nation and the world at large with effective professionals in the critical growth area of computer engineering

To stimulate the interest of students in research through contact with teachers and mentors active in research, and through exposure to the most current information technologies

To encourage students to consider graduate education and make them aware of the need for life long learning

To seek broad collaboration on projects and courses with other disciplines and academic departments to familiarize students with an interdisciplinary setting like that in which many of them will work

To promote professional and institutional pride by providing strong support for student programs associated with the most respected

professional societies


Admission into the department of Computer Engineering conforms to the admission requirements into any other department of the Faculty of Engineering. It states that the basic O' Level qualification for admission of students into the department through University Matriculation Examination (UME) includes O' Level credits obtained in not more than two settings in at least five subjects. The subjects must include English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and any other science related subject. In addition the candidate must obtain an acceptable pass mark in the UME result as may be determined by JAMB, Caritas University as well as the department of Computer Engineering.

It is mandatory for all the students to register their courses at the beginning of each semester of every session;
Students will have to see their academic advisers for proper guidance before registering their courses;
Students who attempt examination in courses which they have not registered shall obtain no result in them;
Students must take a total credit load of 18 minimum and 24 maximum per semester;
Registration forms must be carefully and correctly filled. Cancellations, erasures, mutilations, corrections with correction fluid, etc, are not allowed on the forms;
Where applicable failed courses must be registered first before adding the courses of the current semester;
Carry over courses must also be registered in the Carry Over forms for future result tracking and recording;
Any student whose cumulative grade point average (CGPA) falls below 1.00 but not less than 0.60 will be required to repeat that year, i.e. go on probation for one year;
Any student whose cumulative grade point average (CGPA) falls below 0.60 shall be required to withdraw from the department;
Any student under probation who still cannot make a CGPA of 1.00 and above after the probation shall be required to withdraw from the department.

Following the directives of NUC with regard to the courses that should be offered in the various departments of engineering, the department of Computer Engineering shall join other departments in the faculty to offer the same courses in the first two years of study. These courses are indicated on pages 5 and 6 of this handbook.
However from three hundred (300) levels upwards, the department shall take a departure and begin offering core computer courses in addition to general engineering mathematics and some borrowed courses from the department of Electrical Electronics Engineering. The stipulated curses will not only provide the students with solid foundation to meet the future challenges brought on the rapid pace of technological changes but will also prepare them for a life-time of learning and upgrading of skills.