11/04/2013 07:22AM

Second Semester, 2012/2013 session kicks off!

With the completion of a Semester and the end of the First Semester Examinations on March 15, 2013; Caritas University students proceeded home for a 2-week break. The Break enabled them to "cool off" or "unwound" after the heat and pressure of exams. It helped them too to replenish their exhausted food banks and empty piggy wallets/pockets. Those who have been living on junk food had the opportunity to eat well-prepared, cooked and balanced meals, with fresh fruits and vegetables as desserts.
When they came to the Campus on April 4, 2013, many of them had added some flesh and muscle, that they had no difficulty lugging along heavy cartons of Indomie and "Ghana-must-go" bags containing, you can guess what!
With the commencement of lectures on Monday, April 8th 2013, the Second Semester of the 2012/2013 Academic Session at Caritas University is underway. We wish all our students and staff a fruitful and successful Second Semester.
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